Why We Avoid Parabens, SLS and Phthalates

Monday, October 1st 2012

I sent out a newsletter recently and the feedback on it was very strong (in a positive way). Lots of readers passed it onto friends and family because it gave them helpful info they had never heard of before.

So, I’ve decided to turn it into a permanent article on one of my blogs – and I’ve added some new info and photos to go with it…

Here it is:

Not sure if you remember but in one of my recent birthday/anti-aging blog articles I wrote about the steps we’ve taken to reduce the amounts, and specific types, of chemicals in:

- our home cleaning products and…
– in the foods & snacks we eat and…
– in the personal hygiene products we use in our bodies…
– and the ones we use on our bodies, as well…

For example – here is one of our favorite body washes from JASON NATURALS.

If you look at the label close-up I’ve enlarged below, you’ll notice the words:

1 – No Parabens
2 – No Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates (SLS)
3 – No Phthalates

jason body wash label

jason body wash label

jason label no parabens no sls no phthalates

jason label no parabens no sls no phthalates

Since we’ve started making these simple changes we’ve had less allergic reactions, our skin looks better, our eyes look shinier, our energy levels are higher – and a few other sweet surprises as well…

In short we are healthier and simply “feel better” overall.

In Super Sexy Skin, Belinda Benn, highlights ‘parabens’ as one of the chemicals to look out for, and avoid – when looking at ingredient lists for any type of skin-care or beauty product. She talks about others as well – but right now let’s focus on this prime example…

Why Do We Avoid Parabens?

In short, there are studies indicating their link to cancer/breast cancer (because they falsely mimic the hormone estrogen). And there are studies that don’t show this link. BUT, we’ve decided to play it safe and NOT take the 50% chance that these agents cause cancer.

We SIMPLY avoid them and choose products which DO NOT contain them. Natural product makers are helping greatly by labeling the fronts of their items as “Paraben-Free” or “Contains No Parabens” .. and those are the ones we choose.

Parabens can be found in shampoos (for kids and adults), commercial face and body creams and lotions (in the low-cost ones and the most expensive), shaving gels, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical medications and even toothpaste.

And, get this, they are also used as food additives and in some medications.

What’s interesting is the fact that some of the big companies are catching on to the “trend” and in realizing they are losing customers as this information spreads – they are making efforts to improve their product formulas to meet the demand of today’s informed, health-conscious consumer.

There is still a lot of progress to be made but it’s up to us as individuals to stay informed, and make wise decisions for ourselves, our families and our friends.

And just like there are chemicals in our daily lives that can cause adverse reactions, or even do us harm – there are also natural items that can bring us health, beauty and strength.

For example – Bel also talks about her ‘5-minute Asian-facial’ that stimulates circulation, and makes the face look & feel younger by touching certain zones with a certain motion… Great info to check out, especially if you’re a woman.

One of the key take-aways from today’s article is to know what elements in your daily life can adversely impact hormones – and then take steps to reduce or eliminate them.

There are so many women who can optimize their hormones simply by eliminating certain ingredients which may go in – or on – their bodies.

Think of how many women you know who have had hormone issues which can’t be fully explained or traced to a certain cause. It makes you wonder, right?

For the female body – anything that manipulates hormones has the power to cause many levels of damage. Exactly what you don’t deserve.

It just takes a little more research and paying attention to the ingredients on the labels of the products you and your family use on a daily basis.

The short investment in time, and ‘proactive consumerism’ can improve and enhance your life in many ways.

I hope today’s article has helped you in some way.

Please feel free to share today’s informative article with anyone else you know who will benefit from reading it.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

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Madeline Bee said,




October 21st, 2012, 9:49 am  
Bahia said,

It’s great article, i stopped using my night cream after i find that its containing parabens derivatives. Thank’s

October 31st, 2012, 7:33 pm  
Jelena said,

I have known that parabens are dangerous five years ago.
I buy only paraben free products.

January 26th, 2013, 7:27 am  

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