Smart Lipo – The Three Questions To Decide Whether It Is Right For You

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

Here’s a great example of a misleading, deceptive and phony article that I found on a promo site for Smart-Lipo (which should actually be called Stupid-Lipo)

Smart lipo is a recently discovered method for directly reducing fat deposits in parts of the body. This method uses a special laser to burn away fat tissue – quite similar to the technique used for pearly penile papules. With this treatment, the need for anesthesia is completely removed. With smart lipo, the surgical process takes place in the doctor’s office alone.

As you decide whether or not smart lipo is the right procedure for you, there are a few questions to ask yourself. The price and ability to pay are the first things people think about when considering this fat removal surgery. Another frequently asked question is what the average recovery time will be. Finally, people will also want to know whether or not previous clients were happy with their results.

Smart lipo treatments are like any other medical procedure in that the prices may vary from one office to another. For a quality procedure the least you will pay is about $2,000, but it can range up to almost $6,000. It is best to make sure you understand and agree with all the expenses before starting the procedure.

When compared to  similar procedures, smart lipo has a faster average recovery time with the added benefit of less pain. As described at the SmartLipo therapy website, an individual will experience a little pain that can be controlled with over the counter pain medication. The bruising that is associated with this procedure is usually gone in two or three days. Swelling is decreased by wearing a pressure dressing or compression garments. Normally a person can go back to their daily routine one day after completing a smart lipo treatment.

A recent survey indicated that over eighty percent of people who spent money on the smart lipo treatment thought the results were worth it in the end. That still leaves about eighteen percent of people that disagree. So what do they think? They had a collection of views. One person complained that the treatments caused hard bumps in the area of the procedure. One person said the procedure produced unnatural results and that the process was too long overall. In the final analysis, anyone thinking of smart lipo must decide for themselves whether the treatment is right for them.

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Hi.I have started going to the gym and have lost about 5 kgs.I am about 83 kgs now.Most of my fat is concentrated around my stomach. Please recommend exercises that would help lose this fat. Since am heavy it is sometimes difficult to do some of the exercises as it hurts my lower back. I I need to get down to at least 65-70 kgs to reach my ideal weight.Please advise.

May 14th, 2009, 7:08 am  

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