Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh Magic: Tough US Marine Finds New Muscles Thanks to His Lady

Friday, January 30th 2009


Leg, Butt, Hip, Thigh Magic: Tough US Marine Finds New Muscles Thanks to His Lady

Before I get into today’s e-newsletter – I just want to say “Thank you” and let you know that it means the world to me that you take the time to read each of these short and snappy pieces I’ve put together for you.

I understand not every single one of these may strike a chord with you – but please understand – I have over 320,000 readers all over the world who also get these articles…

So – as you read each issue, and you realize that you know someone else who can also benefit from hearing my perspective and learning about other people’s real life experiences – please feel free to forward any of these e-newsletters to them.

I may have mentioned this in an earlier edition. Women, *AND MEN*, who follow typical weights & machines type programs are VERY prone to experiencing hip and lower back problems which can worsen over time and cause serious issues that last a lifetime.

Ask any physical therapist – and they will vouch for this phenomenon. Oh – you’ll find many people who are pain free – but as time wears on and they place the wear and tear on their joints by constantly cranking on the weights and machines – it eventually catches up to them…

I talk about this female hip pain because it was the major topic in the last issue – and you’ll read about it here too.

OK – onto today’s incredible story. This one came in as a response to the previous edition.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Secrets of a Trainer: A striking similarity between Candace and Helene…
From: “Candace T.” – [email protected]______________.com –
Date: Thu, January 29, 2009 12:54 am
To: – pam ( at ) joeyatlas. com –

Hi Joey and Pam,

Wow! After reading Helen’s email about her hip pain I had to send a response to you.

For six years I had a sharp pain in my hips. Every time I put my leg out of the car to pull myself up, a sharp pain would shoot through my hips. Someone told me it might be due to the cheap shoes I was wearing.

Well, I stopped wearing them five years ago, but the pain persisted. I was too stubborn to go to the doctor (he would probably just prescribe some pain reliever or medicine with the additional side effects).

Anyway, I started doing the ULBHTM once a week and just after a few weeks I noticed that the pain went away. Since I have had a pain in my right shoulder from being on the computer so much, I decided to try your Ultimate Upper Body program. I just started it a week ago. I also bought your stretching routine, Optimum Flexibility, and plan to start that this weekend.

Here’s a funny story. My boyfriend had heard about the ULBHTM program that I bought. I took your travel sheets camping with us (Camp Pendleton Military Base Campground). I challenged him to do the workout with me and he thought it would be way too easy.

He is a retired Marine and works out at the gym with weights.

There we were doing the workout in our campsite with the neighbors chuckling at us!

Two days later as we were packing up to leave the camp he could hardly step out of the trailer because he was so sore (he was feeling his ‘LBHT’ body parts…he he).

He realized that your program is not “just for the ladies”, but also for men wanting to discover muscles that they never knew they had!

He wanted to borrow my Joey Atlas stretching DVD to see what it was all about, but I told him it’s time for him to buy his own ;-))

Not to be cruel, I do love him, but I was feeling like the little kid who just got a new toy and hadn’t even had a chance to play with it before her sibling tried to snatch it up. Silly isn’t it? He laughed about my so called “death grip” I had on the DVD when he asked to borrow it.

Anything with ‘Atlas’ on it is now the hot ticket item in my house.

How great as that!?

Candace gets rid of her mysterious hip pains – AND shows her boyfriend (former Marine!) how to “work” the LBHT area with no weights – and no machines.

If you know any men who need a complete lower body workout – put them to the test by having them do Level 1 – I guarantee, you will blow their mind – and you’ll get to watch them walk funny for a few days ;-))

Yes, my methods are ‘different’. Some say ‘simpler’, some say ‘focused’, some say ‘no-fluff’, some say ‘pure genius’. What do you say?

That’s it for today’s issue …

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas – Creator of the Most Effective, Most Coveted, Most Talked About, Exercise Program for Women That Targets the Female Trouble Spots and Problem Areas More Precisely Than a Skilled Surgeon’s Cosmetic Scalpel and Laser Tool…

– and you can get your’s, sent right to your doorstep, right here: http://legbutthipthighexercises.com/order/
– or read the main page to see everything you get:

– The programs can be done everywhere: house, office, vacation…
– It’s like having me at your side, anytime – day or night…
– And you’ll never have to look for a personal trainer again, ever… ——————————————————————–

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