Why We Avoid Parabens, SLS and Phthalates

Monday, October 1st 2012

I sent out a newsletter recently and the feedback on it was very strong (in a positive way). Lots of readers passed it onto friends and family because it gave them helpful info they had never heard of before.

So, I’ve decided to turn it into a permanent article on one of my blogs – and I’ve added some new info and photos to go with it…

Here it is:

Not sure if you remember but in one of my recent birthday/anti-aging blog articles I wrote about the steps we’ve taken to reduce the amounts, and specific types, of chemicals in:

- our home cleaning products and…
– in the foods & snacks we eat and…
– in the personal hygiene products we use in our bodies…
– and the ones we use on our bodies, as well…

For example – here is one of our favorite body washes from JASON NATURALS.

If you look at the label close-up I’ve enlarged below, you’ll notice the words:

1 – No Parabens
2 – No Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates (SLS)
3 – No Phthalates

jason body wash label

jason body wash label

jason label no parabens no sls no phthalates

jason label no parabens no sls no phthalates

Since we’ve started making these simple changes we’ve had less allergic reactions, our skin looks better, our eyes look shinier, our energy levels are higher – and a few other sweet surprises as well…

In short we are healthier and simply “feel better” overall.

In Super Sexy Skin, Belinda Benn, highlights ‘parabens’ as one of the chemicals to look out for, and avoid – when looking at ingredient lists for any type of skin-care or beauty product. She talks about others as well – but right now let’s focus on this prime example…

Why Do We Avoid Parabens?

In short, there are studies indicating their link to cancer/breast cancer (because they falsely mimic the hormone estrogen). And there are studies that don’t show this link. BUT, we’ve decided to play it safe and NOT take the 50% chance that these agents cause cancer.

We SIMPLY avoid them and choose products which DO NOT contain them. Natural product makers are helping greatly by labeling the fronts of their items as “Paraben-Free” or “Contains No Parabens” .. and those are the ones we choose.

Parabens can be found in shampoos (for kids and adults), commercial face and body creams and lotions (in the low-cost ones and the most expensive), shaving gels, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical medications and even toothpaste.

And, get this, they are also used as food additives and in some medications.

What’s interesting is the fact that some of the big companies are catching on to the “trend” and in realizing they are losing customers as this information spreads – they are making efforts to improve their product formulas to meet the demand of today’s informed, health-conscious consumer.

There is still a lot of progress to be made but it’s up to us as individuals to stay informed, and make wise decisions for ourselves, our families and our friends.

And just like there are chemicals in our daily lives that can cause adverse reactions, or even do us harm – there are also natural items that can bring us health, beauty and strength.

For example – Bel also talks about her ‘5-minute Asian-facial’ that stimulates circulation, and makes the face look & feel younger by touching certain zones with a certain motion… Great info to check out, especially if you’re a woman.

One of the key take-aways from today’s article is to know what elements in your daily life can adversely impact hormones – and then take steps to reduce or eliminate them.

There are so many women who can optimize their hormones simply by eliminating certain ingredients which may go in – or on – their bodies.

Think of how many women you know who have had hormone issues which can’t be fully explained or traced to a certain cause. It makes you wonder, right?

For the female body – anything that manipulates hormones has the power to cause many levels of damage. Exactly what you don’t deserve.

It just takes a little more research and paying attention to the ingredients on the labels of the products you and your family use on a daily basis.

The short investment in time, and ‘proactive consumerism’ can improve and enhance your life in many ways.

I hope today’s article has helped you in some way.

Please feel free to share today’s informative article with anyone else you know who will benefit from reading it.

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

Hot-Body Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Here is another incredible recipe which proves (again) that eating right and living fit can be surprisingly delicious and deeply nutritious.

These are so nutrient dense, you can even eat them for a light breakfast or lunch if you’re on the go and time is tight.

A special ‘thank you’ goes to Belinda Benn for putting together the “click, print, make & eat” pdf:

Hot-Body Chocolate Biscotti

Hot-Body Chocolate Biscotti Recipe; Click to Open

You can click on the recipe above to open it – or you can click here to open it.

Not only are these body-boosting treats loaded with fiber; but they also provide a balanced supply of protein, healthy fat and slow-burning carbs

They satisfy the toughest of sweet-tooths, calm your appetite, fuel the metabolism – without making you feel like you did something wrong.

In fact they do the opposite. When you eat these, you know you did something right.

And, oh baby – that feels so good :-)

Enjoy – and please share this page with your friends, family and co-workers so they can print this awesome recipe, and benefit from all the good it can do for them.

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

#1 Biggest Mistake Women Make w/ Their Body & Men

Wednesday, September 26th 2012

I cringe every time a loyal female subscriber sends me an email that sounds like this…

“Hi Joey,
I’m really hoping you can help me. I’ve never been into exercise or fitness, but I really want to look better for my boyfriend/husband/partner/etc… I know how much he likes (because he tells me) women with better [fill in the blank] and I want him to desire and want me the same way.

So, what can I do to make my [fill in the blank] look sexier and more desirable so I keep my man/partner attracted to me and hopefully more faithful? I want to be the one to turn him on and I want to keep him happy. Thanks Joey for any advice you could give me.”

There’s a HUGE and DEEP problem with this mentality… Let me explain…

In his best-seller, Text the Romance Back, author Michael Fiore talks about how self-esteem plays a critical part in a woman’s level of security – or lack of it ( insecurity ).

When he appears on talk shows he often highlights how lack of self-worth and poor self-image are the foundation for a woman’s bad choices in relationships and self-degrading actions inside of those relationships.

The key is this:

A woman’s insecurities have to be transformed into high levels of self-respect, pride and dignity. Without these, a man/men will continue his/their ways – simply because you give him/them the unbound freedom to do so.


Well – there are a bunch of reasons, but here are some of the top ones…

Because a woman:

– Doesn’t want to be alone.
– Doesn’t feel worthy if she is single.
– Feels that she is more of a woman with a man/partner at her side.
– Is afraid and ashamed of what others might think when they see her ‘single’.
– Doesn’t want to go through the challenge of finding new love.
– Is more fearful of the uncertain territory and therefore settles for dysfunctional “security”
– Etc…

These are all artificial thoughts and perceptions of the self – created in the mind. None of it is real – they are just products of the insecure mind. Nothing more.

When a woman “awakens”, she let’s go of insecurities based on her own false beliefs – and she is able to tap into her natural supply of self-esteem and self respect. When she fully embraces this identity – then the world around her (almost magically) changes.

People give her respect, they see her as worthy, they see her as self-confident.
They change their behavior towards her because of “who she has become” and the energy she gives off by living up to her true identity.

And so my point is this:

YOU CAN’T do anything for a man/partner/boyfriend/husband/lover…

YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF… You must do things because they are valuable to you. They fulfill your personal desires and dreams… They are a manifestation of you living up to your values and “giving yourself what you need”…

When a woman lives in this manner – she attracts the people and situations she truly desires – into her life – in a very natural and powerful way.

Now – I’m no relationship expert, but I’ve done my fair share of homework on the human mind (both for myself and other’s I have coached) and how it plays into one’s health, fitness and wellness – and overall quality of life.

If you know someone who sounds like the woman I describe at the top of this article – then please share this with her today as you may change her life in the most profound ways.

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Free Fat Burning Dessert Recipe eBook

Thursday, September 20th 2012

Because of all the positive feedback and requests on the Guilt-Free Desserts Interview we shared yesterday, Kelley decided to create a few healthy dessert gifts to share with you.

Here they are:

- 1:

Click here for a printable version of the Healthy Banana Nut Muffin Recipe I posted previously

- 2:

Click the Free Fat-Burning eBook Cover below to open your free copy

- 3:

Feel free to forward these to any one you wish. You have our full permission – and your friends will deeply appreciate the helpful and unique info…

Free Fat Burning Baking eBook

Click for Free Fat Burning Baking eBook

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas
PS: Please feel free to share this free ebook with your friends family and co-workers.

Sinful Desserts That Are Awesome for Your Body and Health

Wednesday, September 19th 2012

Let’s face it – even in a fitness lifestyle – we still want to have our cake and eat it too…

I’ll be the first to admit it – and also the first to condone this type of amazing eating – BUT it has to be done wisely and with respect to our bodies and long term health.

In this interview, me and Wellness Author, Kelley Herring reveal the secrets of incredibly sinful (but SUPER healthy) indulgences (below is a complete recipe example) that can be whipped up right in your own kitchen, faster than any woman in her right mind could ever imagine…

Click the triangular ‘play’ button to hear everything.

Wellness Author: Kelley Herring

Wellness Author: Kelley Herring

~ Incredible Banana Nut Muffin Recipe ~

This is just one of the 50 deeply delicious and SUPER healthy recipes in Guilt-Free Desserts.. And with only 147 calories and just 3 grams of sugar in each one (plus 5 grams of protein apiece), you can enjoy two of these high-fiber, body-boosting sweet treats for a delicious breakfast that tastes as good as dessert.

Healthy Banana Nut Muffin Recipe

Healthy Banana Nut Muffin Recipe

Make a batch this weekend and store in an airtight container for a grab-and-go breakfast all week long.

Start to Finish: 45 minutes
Yield: 12 muffins
Benefits: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Excellent Source of ALA Omega-3; Good Source of Fiber, Selenium and Manganese


– 1/2 tsp. stevia extract (to taste)
– 2 medium organic bananas (very ripe)
– 1/4 tsp. sea salt
– 4 Tbsp. organic virgin coconut oil
– 1/2 cup organic walnuts, chopped
– 8 Tbsp. organic coconut flour
– 1 tsp. organic vanilla extract
– 1/2 tsp. non-aluminum baking powder
– 1/2 cup organic erythritol
– 6 large pastured eggs


– Preheat oven to 350 F.

– Place an unbleached parchment paper liner on a baking sheet. Add walnuts and toast 4-5 minutes. Cool and chop.

– Using a hand-held blender, cream erythritol and coconut oil until fluffy. Add vanilla and eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition.

– Sift coconut flour. The sifted amount should be 1/2 cup – no more! Combine sifted coconut flour with baking powder, stevia and salt. Beat into batter.

– Fold in walnuts (or pecans, etc..) and bananas.

– Pour batter three quarters of the way up the muffin pan lined with greased, non-bleached muffin papers.
Bake 35 minutes.

Nutrition Information per Serving

147 calories
11 g total fat
(2 g monounsaturated fat, 6 g saturated fat, 3 g polyunsaturated fat)
106 mg cholesterol
94 mg sodium
8 carbohydrates
3 g sugars
2.5 g fiber
5 g protein

If you enjoyed today’s interview and recipe – and found it helpful – please share it with anyone else you know who will benefit from it.

They’ll LOVE YOU for sharing it!

And so will I :-)

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Osteoporosis: Facts, Myths and The Fix

Monday, July 2nd 2012

The biggest problem with osteoporosis is this: Most women wait until they get it before they decide to learn about it and try to reverse it. However, the ‘learning and reversing’ usually consists of going to a specialist for bone density scans and then getting on a prescription pharmaceutical in hopes of successfully treating the condition.

In short, that is NOT the ideal way of addressing a condition which can lead to life-crushing consequences. i.e.; Brittle bones can lead to hip fractures – which then take you off your feet for healing and repair. Quite often the road to recovery from this type of break leads to even worse complications which stem from the drugs and the increased level of sedentary living.

national osteoporosis foundation info

We’ve all heard stories of women who’ve died shortly after dealing with a hip fracture. As a matter of fact, you’ll want to read this page from the National Osteoporosis Foundation for some hard facts and figures. The type that will really open your eyes…

While reading it, pay EXTRA close attention to the 3 sections; Symptoms, Risk Factors, Fractures.

Here’s the Bottom Line: This is a condition you want to avoid getting. And if you do get it or have early signs of it – you want to manage and reverse it with a well rounded, healthy and wholistic approach.

The biggest challenge is knowing what options are available to you as the patient. But it’s almost impossible to know what your options are if you are confused about what osteoporosis actually is, what causes it – and even more importantly what its precursor, osteopenia, is.


Here’s why:

1 – Most women can’t explain the difference between ‘osteopenia’ and ‘osteoporosis’. The inherent problem in this stems from the fact that both conditions require intervention but without clarity on what each is – it is easy for the female patient to be led down an unnecessary path.

2 – The term “weight bearing exercise” is grossly misunderstood, not only by average women; BUT ALSO health professionals. Weight bearing exercise DOES NOT mean you have to actually participate in “weight-lifting” workouts to get the benefits of building bone density.

Weight bearing is achieved by subjecting your bones to stress forces. The word stress is not to be mistaken for “stress” as describing a mental or emotional state; but rather the bones are being given a bearable “load” of force to support.

By being challenged in an appropriate way, to support the load, the bones actually respond by becoming more dense and stronger – very much like your muscles respond to proper strengthening exercises.

The key here is to know you don’t have to “lift weights” or use awkward and uncomfortable gym machines to accomplish this beneficial effect (although proper and appropriate weight training can be one of your choices)

Proper bone-building stress forces can be accomplished with the following:

– bodyweight exercises
– resistance band exercises
– medicine ball exercises
– swiss ball exercises
– playground exercises
– dumbbell exercises (not to be confused with the type of weight-lifting and gym machine workouts I refer to above).

There are more, but that list covers the most common options to suit average women with deep and long lasting benefits.

3 – The vague piece of advice; “just increase the amount of calcium in your diet with the foods you eat and/or supplements” is as hazy as one can get, because not all ‘calcium rich foods’ have the same effects on your bones. Some can benefit you while others can actually have an adverse effect.

One of the keys to this is knowing the acidity and alkalinity values of the the foods and beverages you consume. Some foods are more ‘acidic’ in nature while others are ‘alkaline’. This one factor has to be understood so your daily meals and drinks can consist of what your bones need more of in order to build or rebuild bone density.

The deeper I dug to find the most actionable info about osteopenia and osteoporosis, the more scattered things became – until I came across a treasure trove of not only the latest materials, but a source which presents all the info including how to take a ‘natural’ approach to prevention and reversal.

This means holding off on drugs and meds as a last resort. Not just for the sake of it – but for the sake of your whole health status and long term quality of life.

The key to prevention is making sure you have the following in order:

1 – your daily exercise routine that stimulates bone density
2 – proper nutrition habits that strengthen bones
3 – avoidance of ingredients and foods that damage bones
4 – avoiding habits that weaken bones (smoking, alcohol, couch laying)
5 – consider adding an Organic Vitamin D supplement to your diet

This is one of the most economical, top-quality brands of Organic Vitamin D

organic vitamin D
Click Photo for Info

***PLEASE share today’s post with all the other women you know – regardless of age or condition. Education and proactive measures are THE BEST defense against osteopenia and osteoporosis. Just share this page with them so they can have access to all the free info too.***

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Skechers Shape-Ups Review: UGLY Sneakers

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

OK – here comes the “See, I told ya…”

A little ways back I did a post on all the “toning shoes and sneakers” flooding the market – with promises of toning your legs, buns and thighs… Claims to lift your butt and round your buttocks… blah, blah, blah… Simply by wearing these (UGLY) rounded bottom clunkers and walking around in them…

Uh-huh… yeah… LOL…

So – you want the latest smack-down on this sillyness?

Here it is:

FTC curbs “toning shoes” claims.

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Skechers USA, Inc. has agreed to pay $40 million to settle charges that the company deceived consumers by making unfounded claims that its Shape-ups athletic shoes help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone their buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles. The settlement with the FTC is part of a broader agreement, also being announced today resolving a multi-state investigation, which was led by the Tennessee and Ohio Attorneys General Offices and included attorneys general from 42 other states and the District of Columbia. [Skechers will pay $40 million to settle FTC charges that It deceived consumers with ads for "Toning Shoes." FTC news release, May 16, 201] http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2012/05/consumerrefund.shtm

Click to get your Skechers Shape Ups refund

Click to get your Skechers Shape Ups refund

Not sure if you remember but here is the post where I first warned my readers of this whole “toning sneaker” hoax.

Go ahead and check out the official FTC notice on this where you can see the lovely and talented Brooke Burke ad for Skechers Shape Ups.

Don’t get me wrong, Brooke seems like a cool lady and a hard working mommy, from a distance – but I’m just trying to keep my women informed here, that’s all.

PLEASE pass this around to your girls – so they can be “in the know” too…

You know what I’m saying?

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Your New Body Starts Here

Monday, January 9th 2012

This is a quick and simple blog post to let all RSS subscribers know The MAG-Factor Fitness Coaching website is open and off to an amazing start with VIP clients already reaching short term goals in only a week..

To see if there is any more room for you – come and take a look at these links, ASAP:

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MAG-Factor VIP Behind the Scenes Secret Video Footage

See you there!

Joey Atlas

Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Lifting Exercises

Monday, November 7th 2011

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is an invasive, expensive and risky surgical procedure for women who find that gravity is getting stronger than their aging, mushy, flat and quickly sagging buttocks muscles. The biggest problem with this procedure is that it doesn’t address the most powerful ingredient in the female buttocks – which is ==>> the muscles.

Butt Lifting Exercises

Butt lifting exercises are a simpler, less expensive, less risky and more effective option for lifting, firming and reshaping your dropping buns into a sculpted and sexy work of art. These can be done at home – with no weights and no gym machines.

That is the simple comparison. So – let’s go in a bit deeper now… We will do this with a great email which sets up a sweet Q&A:

Here is the email with a butt specific question and a photo to illustrate her point.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Question about your program and my butt :)
From: Renee H.
Date: Thu, October 27, 2:27 am
To: joey

Hi Joey,
I’ve been eyeing your program off and on for a while, wondering if it would really be a worthwhile purchase for me. I have a question that might help me decide. It’s kind of embarrassing.

I have a pretty nice body right now, especially for my age (42), but I still want to get a lot more toned. I’m 5’6, and just last year went from 132 to 122 lbs. I love the change except for one thing. Now my butt has something odd going on. It’s like the fat above my gluteal muscle kind of hangs over it instead of covering it evenly.

This creates a weird division that looks like a little indentation right above the crease between my leg and buttock. When I tighten my muscles there, it doesn’t go away. I’d like to lose a little more weight (like 5 more pounds), and tighten up more but I’m terrified the problem will get worse if I do this. I’ve always had a great butt, so this is terrible for me.

So the question is, are you familiar with this weird pattern of sagging or whatever it is (i assume it’s age related, and the fact that i’m on the thin side already), and do you think your exercises can fix it, or do I just need to gain some weight back? I’d love to hear whatever experience you might have with this.

I found this photo online (see below) that shows what I’m talking about. My butt is WAY nicer than this still, but it is developing these little indentations like I described, and it ain’t pretty! I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether exercise can fix this.



Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Lifting Exercises

Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Lifting Exercises

What Does This Butt Need? …A Good Lift!

First and foremost – the only thing Renee mentions is that she has lost weight and wants to lose a bit more. She makes no mention of doing any type of exercise – nor any type of butt specific exercises.

Second – she is correct. She senses it will get worse if she does lose a few more pounds – and she is right.

HOWEVER – if she adds the right butt lifting, toning and sculpting exercises to her fat-loss efforts – she will then build up a set of nicely rounded and perky buns – just like you see in the photo below. Maybe no 100% exactly like it – but she won’t know until she tries the proper movements to stimulate all those gluteal muscles.

Muscles to Exercise for Butt Lift

Muscles to Exercise for Butt Lift

Too much weight loss with no targeted toning and lifting will deflate the buttocks muscles like a balloon getting all of it’s air taken out of it. That balloon gets flat, mushy and bumpy.

There is a HUGE difference between losing weight & having a small clothing size – and losing body-fat while strengthening and sculpting sexy, feminine and attractive muscles to keep everything looking young, shapely and attractive.

Butt Lifting Exercises Are… THE WINNER!!

Even if a Brazilian Butt Lift does improve some womens’ rumps – It has no positive effects on strength, health, fitness, hormone optimization, longevity or overall quality of life. Only the right fitness program can do this – one which includes the best butt lifting exercises.

Explore this site and the world famous program it represents and ask yourself this:

“Am I ready to unleash my best butt ever – and keep it that way forever?”

Is so you can start with this free Butt Lifting Exercise Video..

And then you can kick things into high gear next week with the complete DVD set… (see “ORDER” at top of this site)

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

Middle-Age Transformation: EXPOSED

Thursday, January 27th 2011

Last week I posted the preview article for this candid “Before & After” Mid-Life Transformation Interview

What Bel, from http://www.BelsBodyBlog.com – shares in this interview below goes far deeper than the superficial elements of a fitness lifestyle. What she reveals is not only extremely powerful – but it’s what most people never actually hear about, let alone realize it’s something they need to tap into for their own success.

Aging In Reverse: Bel at 46 - almost 47!!

Aging In Reverse: Bel at 46 - almost 47!!

The most powerful transformations are actually a smaller part of one’s “Evolution”. When your personal growth is guided by your core values and life-long dreams – you set the stage for amazing things to happen… Press the green, oval ‘play’ button with the white triangle on it to get started:

Transformation Interview with Bel – Part 1

[NOTE: This is a 2-part interview because the long-distance skype connection got knocked out - but we rebooted & reconnected to finish the interview in Part 2 below. Be sure to listen - you'll be glad you did.]

Transformation Interview with Bel – Part 2

Click here for Belinda’s Get-Lean Program website and see the special bonus package she has put together for all Joey’s Atlas subscribers.

Limted Edition G-L Package

Limited Edition G-L Package

We’d both love your feedback on the interview. Especially if you consider yourself the “shy type”… So, please share your thoughts, questions or comments below. We look forward to hearing from you…

Your trainer forever – your trainer for life,

- Joey Atlas
PS – Bel is including an exclusive set of bonuses which you will not see on her site – She has added them to the Private Access page for you – as a special gift for all my subscribers…

Special Secret Bonuses from Bel

Special Secret Bonuses from Bel