“What are the differences between the first LBHTM
edition and this new Ultimate LBHTM Pro Remake?”

Well, I’ve listened to all your great feedback over the past 3 years and
have put it all into this new dvd set – with a few additions of my own.

Here is what we did:

– Professionally re-shot, produced and edited the dvds – for
perfect audio and video clarity and quality – making all of your
exercise sessions with me that much more enjoyable ;-))

– Created a complete menu screen that allow you to go to different
sections of the workouts, such as stretches, floor exercises,
standing exercises, etc…

– Chaptered each individual exercise so that you have the option of
following the entire workout – or skipping to the next exercise.
For example if you are only doing 8 repetitions of a specific
exercise and would rather not wait for me to finish the 15th
repetition – all you have to do is press the ‘forward’ or ‘plus
sign’ button on your DVD player remote.

– I go through all the stretches (with several new ones added!) in
real time – so you never have to pause the dvds.

– I do all the repetitions of each exercise (with a bunch of new
ones added!) – so you never have to pause the dvds for this either.

– We used several cameras – so you see each exercise from different
angles and from different distances – to ensure you are following
the exact proper form.

– As a bonus, I also included a 5 minute stand-up comedy routine
followed by some singing and break-dancing (JUST KIDDING!)

– I have also created several synergistic bonuses that make this
program as effective as possible in helping you achieve and
maintain your goals. Here they are:

1 – Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Travel Cheat Sheets – Every
exercise from the DVDs are listed by name on the Travel Cheat
Sheets. If you are traveling and are unable to take your dvds with
you, just print the Cheat Sheets and your Progression Plan and take
them with you. This was a high volume request from users of the
‘classic’ edition of the the LBHTM. ($17.00 value)

2 – The complete ‘ 28 Days to Life’ version of my Blow-Torch “Diet”
– Lots of positive feedback on the 7-Day Quick-Burn version and
high demand for a longer version pushed me into taking the complete
version from my soon to be released book ‘Fatness to Fitness’ and
including it with this program. Please note, this “diet” can be
used for fat/weight loss, healthy weight gain or weight
maintenance. ($Priceless!)

3 – Complimentary 2-Week Free Bonus Pass to BestFitnessAdvice.com –
It is quite common for people to have questions as they move along
the path of fitness success. My members only, interactive website
allows you to post your questions in the Fitness Success Forum and
get them answered by me and/or other members. This is in addition
to having full access to all of the other fitness materials that I
am constantly adding to the site such as full length articles,
product reviews, fitness recipes and much, much more. ($55.00 value)

4 – Three versions of the Progression Plans –

—– A – Fat Reduction, Slimming and Firming Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

—– B – Building, Sculpting and Lifting Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

—– C – Cellulite Reduction, Toning and Shaping Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

5 – Seven Steps to Building and Sculpting a Firm, Curvy Lower Body ($19.97 value)

— This is a special bonus created for women who want to build up
and gain sexy, curvy, healthy weight in their lower bodies. Your
nutritional habits are extremely important when you want to add
feminine muscle tone to your lower body. These seven steps tell you
how to do it.

PLUS – all of the other bonuses listed on the ‘Home’ page.

I invested A LOT of money in taking the original Leg, Butt, Hip and
Thigh Makeover and turning it into a Professional Grade product.

But I made sure to keep some the most important elements of the
original program in place for the new Ultimate Remake – such as:

– No tacky music, giving you the option of listening to your own
music or not listening to any music at all. Your choice – your
personal preference.

– No giggling and bouncy, made-up, size 2 fitness models exercising
behind me. No way! – you get just me, your trainer, one-on-one,
guiding you through every move, every rep, every breath as if I’m
right there with you.

– No distracting, annoying backdrop – allowing you to comfortably
focus your attention on me, giving you another reason to look
forward to following this program forever.

There you have it!

Joey Atlas

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