Butt and Thigh Exercise for Women

- by Joey Atlas

There are so many articles on the internet listing ‘the best butt exercises’. From stiff legged dead-lifts (DON’T DO THESE) to squating with weights – most are focused on ‘the gym’ type approach to ‘working the butt’.

Those are not what I would be advising you to do – no matter what your exercise history or experience. (Why hit something with a sledgehammer and risk injury and damage – when you can pat it with a gentle hand and get the desired result?)

Here is a fantastic butt exercise that always gets rave reviews – no matter who I teach it to. Seek medical clearance if you are unsure if this butt exercise is safe for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you’ve seen this move somewhere else before; be sure to try this consider this anyway BECAUSE, there are subtle differences in (1) Form and (2) Tempo which can change the effects of any exercise.

Truthfully speaking though – I must let you know that this exercise also works the legs, hips and thighs – a nice bonus for a move so simple…

OK, here is how you do one of the Best Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Exercises:


I am showing the top position of the ‘Butt Exercise’.

Lying down, face up.

One leg flat on the floor.

The other leg is bent with the heel on the ground, toes pointing up.

Push that heel into the floor, raising the hips and straight leg off the ground at the same time.

Then, lower the hips, butt and leg back down.

Try doing about 15 – 20 on each side. (MOVE SLOWLY!)

If you can only do 5 or 6 – that’s OK

If it was easy, do 10 or 15 more on each side.

Do this every other day for 2 weeks.

If it gets easy, add another set of 15 or 20.

Now – depending on your specific lower body problem(s) and what exact improvements you want to make – your program may be less repetitions, more sets, less rest between sets, using light hand weights (dumbbells), not using any hand weights, eating certain amounts of calories, including other exercises for better & faster results… – you get the picture, right?

I’ll be talking about some of these differences in future issues of ‘Secrets of a Trainer’.

Back to the exercise…

If you are doing this correctly, you will feel your Legs, Butt, Hips and Thighs working BIGTIME and will feel and see changes in a few weeks, if not sooner…

After Form and Tempo; Sequence Is the Next Key Factor

But the real magic is when these exercises are combined in the sequence with all of the other exercises that I have put together for you. You will experience changes that you’ve only been able to dream about!

If you think this exercise will help improve & enhance your whole lower body, just imagine what the complete Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover Home Exercise DVDs will do for you :-) Your lower body will NEVER be the same…

And I mean NEVER…

Until next time…

Don’t Be Like Everybody Else…
Be You… Be Fit… Be Sexy!

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~~ Joey Atlas xoxo

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