Spot Reduction, Spot Toning, Spot Targeting: Does it Work?

Wednesday, August 27th 2008

- by Joey Atlas, The Ladies’ Trainer

Spot Reduction, Spot Toning, Spot Targeting: Does it Really Work?

Women constantly want to know… “Does spot reducing or spot training really work?”

First lets just clarify the terminology… you’ll hear words such as spot
toning, spot reduction, spot targeting, etc, etc… – but they’re
all pretty much talking about the same thing…

And thats means ‘doing certain exercises for a specific part of the body
to get a direct improvements in that part of the body…’

Sounds logical, right?

Lets look at ‘spot reduction’… a woman does a series of exercises
for her butt and thighs – while she’s doing the exercises, she
feels a warm, muscle burn sensation in the butt & thigh area – this
warm burn is not the ‘fat and flab burning away’… – it’s actually the
physiological reaction of the muscles to the exercises she’s doing…

This is perfectly normal – in most cases…

Now this burn doesn’t have to happen all the time – this will
depend on the physical ability of the person – whether or not
they’ve done these exact exercises – in this specific order – at
this specific tempo, form, with the same reps and sets, and so on…

So this ‘burn’ is not the melting of fat, flab, or cellulite – BUT –
I repeat BUT… if these moves have been carefully and properly
combined and are done according to a simple plan, what we call an
exercise prescription, – then there is most definitely, absolutely
going to be an amount of fat and flab burned during the exercise

… AND – most definitely afterward, as the exercise program itself
boosts the woman’s metabolism and keeps it sizzling along – for
a few hours after she has finished her properly structured and
yes, spot targeted – no, make that LASER-targeted exercise

When women ask me… “Does spot training or toning really work, Joey?”

I give them the honest and correct answer: “Yes, it does work – but
only if you are doing exercises that are put together properly… – in
other words if you are following a program that is focused on your
lower body problem areas – and the program has been designed to get
the desired results, CORRECTLY, – then YES – spot training works…”

Keep in mind – you can, and may have already, tried certain exercise
routines that claim to target specific parts of your body – BUT you
were only let-down after several weeks on the program to find that
it didn’t live up to it’s promises and deliver the results you needed.

And this is where the ‘Myth of Spot Targeting’ comes into the picture.

If a program claims to get your problem areas into firm and sexy
shape, but is unable to deliver the desired and anticipated results
then that program is another strike against the tactic of spot
targeting, by falsely ‘proving that it doesn’t work’.

Here’s the Bottom Line…

When done properly – spot targeting works and it works like
gangbusters – “almost like magic”… according to some women.

This is precisely how I structured the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip,
and Thigh Makeover DVDs…

If you’re using them… – you know EXACTLY what I’m
talking about in the article you just read…

And I’d love to hear your comments and feedback below…

– but If you’ve committed the unforgivable sin and haven’t
ordered your set of smoking hot DVDs – you must be in perfectly
sexy shape with no room for improvement – or you might still have a
question about the program and how it’s going to help you…

If you have a question, before you get your’s – and get on your way to
the firmly toned, sexy lower body that you are just a few weeks away
from – then just go to the ‘Contact’ page of this site and ask us – or
you can post in the ‘Comments’ below…

Your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas

13 Comments on “Spot Reduction, Spot Toning, Spot Targeting: Does it Work?”

Laura said,

In the words of Lucas…Stay bendy!

Oh, and your links to him are showing up Error 404 Page Not Found.

Brougham, Ontario, Canada

June 23rd, 2010, 8:03 pm  
k said,

So if its possible to spot target thighs..can i assume that you don’t have to lose weight (significant amount of lbs) to see results? Can i expect to see inches lost in that particular area?

June 23rd, 2010, 8:13 pm  
Becky Fuller said,

I purchased the original hip/butt/thigh videos that have to be paused….I was supposed to receive the new ones but have not received them. I spoke with your assistant several months ago. If I can still get these that would be great. Thanks!

June 24th, 2010, 2:26 am  
sheena said,

I just read the article above, and i just wanted to say…YES the ULBHT dvd set WORKS! I have been doing the exercises for about 3months now and i can tell a Big difference. i do them about 3 times a week. I just want to say to those who are pondering whether or not to get the dvd set…GET THEM, you will be glad you did. If you are serious and wanting to get Shaped….Look no further! The Ultimate Leg, Butt,Hip,and Thigh Dvd Makeover is WOW! I recommend every woman wanting to get shaped this dvd set…..Thank You Joey!

June 24th, 2010, 4:32 am  
Joey said,

Thanks Laura – All links are ‘fixed’ now…

June 27th, 2010, 1:20 am  
ivy mukoloba said,

hw do i get this dvd because i live in Africa specifically Zambia, who do i pay to and hw do i get my dvd?

August 3rd, 2011, 2:23 am  
Joey said,

Click to the “ORDER” page at top of site. We ship worldwide daily :-)

August 12th, 2011, 8:44 pm  

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