Nike Triax Heart rate monitor: One of the best heart rate monitor watches

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

To aid you in your training and exercise endeavors in this highly stressful lifestyle, in which the heart, body and mind has taken its toll, Nike,  a well known name,  has introduced the Nike Triax Heart monitor watches. This watch is to aid and give you a new direction in your fitness efforts. There are lots of watches in the market today, but, they have a truckload of features, which include complex buttons and dials which is not really necessary in your training efforts. An important point to remember, you dont need much gadgetry while running, exercising or track walking. Nike, the manufacturer of the Nike Triax Heart rate monitor has kept their watch simple and easy to read while on the move.

You must know that the benefits of any kind of exercise can only be reaped if you are working out in your target heart rate zone, whether you are a marathon runner, an avid jogger or a walker who walks merely for pleasure. How do you know whether you are in the right heart rate zone or not? Stopping and checking your pulse all the time is not a good idea. The best option is to have a heart rate monitor watch with a variety of functions to aid you in your exercise efforts. With Nike Triax C8 heart rate monitor watch you can set your ideal heart rate and program alerts which beeps when you step outside the heart rate zone. Not allowing interference from any other device in the range, the Nike Triax heart rate monitor also has great transmission capabilities.

With a chest strap which  keeps a tab on your heart rate, the Nike Triax C8 also comes  with  a 50 lap memory which can determine each laps statistics such as  lap time, split time,  average heart rate,  average pace and distance covered.  For various kinds of run/walk regimes and even the difficulty level of running and walking the Nike Triax C8 offers the two interval timers.

Water resistant for up to 165 feet, better reading, an easy battery replacement, this watch case and strap is a great design which fits snugly around your wrist.

The Nike Triax C8 is a great way to get fit and stay fit. Its easy to operate and does not require a tech savvy person. A normal layman can operate and understand it. The weight loss and the inch loss come later. The first thing that improves is the heart rate. You can monitor your bodys progress by monitoring your heart rate. The Nike heart rate monitor is the perfect companion to your fitness quest. For the latest in Nike Heart Monitor Watches, check out the Nike Heart Rate Monitor Range.

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