#1 Biggest Mistake Women Make w/ Their Body & Men

Wednesday, September 26th 2012

I cringe every time a loyal female subscriber sends me an email that sounds like this…

“Hi Joey,
I’m really hoping you can help me. I’ve never been into exercise or fitness, but I really want to look better for my boyfriend/husband/partner/etc… I know how much he likes (because he tells me) women with better [fill in the blank] and I want him to desire and want me the same way.

So, what can I do to make my [fill in the blank] look sexier and more desirable so I keep my man/partner attracted to me and hopefully more faithful? I want to be the one to turn him on and I want to keep him happy. Thanks Joey for any advice you could give me.”

There’s a HUGE and DEEP problem with this mentality… Let me explain…

In his best-seller, Text the Romance Back, author Michael Fiore talks about how self-esteem plays a critical part in a woman’s level of security – or lack of it ( insecurity ).

When he appears on talk shows he often highlights how lack of self-worth and poor self-image are the foundation for a woman’s bad choices in relationships and self-degrading actions inside of those relationships.

The key is this:

A woman’s insecurities have to be transformed into high levels of self-respect, pride and dignity. Without these, a man/men will continue his/their ways – simply because you give him/them the unbound freedom to do so.


Well – there are a bunch of reasons, but here are some of the top ones…

Because a woman:

– Doesn’t want to be alone.
– Doesn’t feel worthy if she is single.
– Feels that she is more of a woman with a man/partner at her side.
– Is afraid and ashamed of what others might think when they see her ‘single’.
– Doesn’t want to go through the challenge of finding new love.
– Is more fearful of the uncertain territory and therefore settles for dysfunctional “security”
– Etc…

These are all artificial thoughts and perceptions of the self – created in the mind. None of it is real – they are just products of the insecure mind. Nothing more.

When a woman “awakens”, she let’s go of insecurities based on her own false beliefs – and she is able to tap into her natural supply of self-esteem and self respect. When she fully embraces this identity – then the world around her (almost magically) changes.

People give her respect, they see her as worthy, they see her as self-confident.
They change their behavior towards her because of “who she has become” and the energy she gives off by living up to her true identity.

And so my point is this:

YOU CAN’T do anything for a man/partner/boyfriend/husband/lover…

YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF… You must do things because they are valuable to you. They fulfill your personal desires and dreams… They are a manifestation of you living up to your values and “giving yourself what you need”…

When a woman lives in this manner – she attracts the people and situations she truly desires – into her life – in a very natural and powerful way.

Now – I’m no relationship expert, but I’ve done my fair share of homework on the human mind (both for myself and other’s I have coached) and how it plays into one’s health, fitness and wellness – and overall quality of life.

If you know someone who sounds like the woman I describe at the top of this article – then please share this with her today as you may change her life in the most profound ways.

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

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